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When you first arrive, the nurse will take you into a room and check your blood pressure and pulse.  The doctor will then sit with you and obtain your medical history and discuss the reason for your visit.  The doctor will review any labs or previous tests you bring with you.  

A discussion regarding whether testing is recommended during the visit will take place.  Many people are afraid that as soon as they step into an allergist's office, automatically they will have to undergo a multitude of tests and then start allergy shots.  At our office, each patient is treated as an individual and testing is recommended selectively based upon the patient's medical condition and also preferences.  

Many times we simply give advice, may recommend prescription medications, etc., and do not need to test.  Patient satisfaction is our highest priority and we work with you to make sure you are comfortable with any testing or treatment decisions made.


  •  Bring a list of medications that you are taking including prescription and nonprescription drugs.
Also, a concise list of all current and previous medical conditions will be helpful to have during the consultation.  Especially important is a list of any drug of food allergy reactions you have had.
  • Bring a list of questions.
  •  Have your insurance card and information available.
  •  Referrals.

Some insurance plans require that if you see a specialist, you need to get a referral from your primary care physician.  Most plans do not.  Alot of time you can tell if you look at your insurance card an it says "no referral necessary" you do not have to worry about obtaining a referral.  If you are not sure, please call your insurance company prior to your visit and obtain any referrals which are necessary.

  • If you are taking an antihistamine...
Antihistamines will block skin testing results.  During the initial consultation we will discuss with you if skin testing is appropriate.   If so, we need patients to be free of antihistamines for at least 4 days prior to skin testing.  If you are able, please stop any antihistamine you are taking at least 4 days prior to your initial visit.  If you are not able to safely discontinue your antihistamine, or if you would be uncomfortable stopping the antihistamine due to severe symptoms, hives, etc., please continue your antihistamine and we will discuss testing options at your initial visit.  If you are not sure about whether or not the medication you are taking contains an antihistamine, you can call the office staff and they will let you know.
Common antihistamines include: claritin, zyrtec, benadryl (anything with diphenhydramine such as many over the counter sleeping pills), chlortrimeton, tavist, clarinex, xyzal, allegra, hydroxyzine.
  • Beta Blockers

For some patients on heart medications, particularly the Beta-Blocker family, we may decide on other options for testing.  Most blood pressure medications do not interefere with our testing.  Please do not stop any cardiac medications you are taking.  Please let the receptionist know if you are on a Beta-Blocker when you schedule your appointment and ask them to pass this information to the doctors prior to your visit. We will discuss all medications and medical history at the consultation and determine the best way to perform testing, if necessary.  

  • Payment for services.

We accept most insurance plans including medicare and will file all claims for you.  If you have a co-payment or high deductible, please bring it with you at the time of the visit.  We accept cash, checks and credit cards.  We cannot see you for an appointment if you do not have an insurance card, credit card, check, cash, or another form of payment along with proper ID.   

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment
Please let us know if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment as far in advance as you can, so we can schedule another patient who may be waiting for an opening at our office.  At least 24 - 48 hours notice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 
   Call us at (203) 978-0072 if you have any questions prior to your visit.